Concrete, famous for its sturdiness and durability has been used since the Roman times and dates back to thousands of years. In Syria and Jordon, remnants of intact 8000-year-old concrete floors and houses have been found. Not only is it one of the best building materials, its aesthetic beauty never fails to impress us. 

The concept of Polished Concrete has grown leaps and bounds in warehouses and commercial and retail buildings especially in the last ten years with the rapid growth in the e-commerce sector. Polished Concrete is a concrete floor that is grinded, chemically treated and then polished consistently and repeatedly with densifiers such as sodium, lithium, and potassium silicate mixtures along with high speed diamond polishing tools categorically meant for polishing concrete.  

Polished concrete flooring is measured by grade and finish. The higher, the better. You can accomplish different levels of brilliance and radiance ranging from matte to glossy. There are gloss meters to determine gloss readings that accurately assess the degree of shine.Popular for their durability and density, flatness and finesse, super flat and slip-resistant floors and levelness and longevity, Polished Concrete Floors have a one-up over traditional, epoxy-based floors.  

Owing to the mechanical and chemical processes that take place during polishing concrete, Polished floors become smoother, shinier and less susceptible to damage from forklift truck tires and chemical and oil staining making them cost-effective and easy to maintain. Polished Concrete has high reflectivity that gives it more lustre and shine lowering the need for artificial light making it energy efficient.Polished Concrete is VOC free and doesn’t exude poisonous fumes as compared to other materials leading to better air quality. 

Gone are the times when concrete was considered merely as a befitting flooring material. Today, its purview stretches from industrial to commercial and residential to retail design giving it a contemporary & classy feel. And yet emerging as a cost-effective, adaptable and efficient option that has the capacity to endure and combat the wear and tear of an industrial set-up without compromising on its aesthetic appeal.

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