Microtopping can work for any surface that requires restoration, renovation or creation. Whether you want aesthetic or earthy, contemporary or classy, shiny or sophisticated, Microtopping offers versatility.

A combination of VOC free liquid polymers and a special cement mixture, Microtopping is nothing less than a work of art crafted by hand. The final look is created to meet the customer’s whims.  Its inherent cohesiveness and a thickness of merely 3mm make it ideal for giving an exquisite and urbane finish that exudes space, light and serenity.It started as a substitute to Concrete and can be used to transform any lacklustre decor to give it a magnificent look while preserving its originality as each surface be it a floor, a wall or a ceiling is handcrafted by the skilled artisans. 

Microconcrete can be used in infinite ways be it for coating vertical surfaces or walls, hotels or houses, showrooms or showers, its versatility make it suited for both indoors and outdoors. A perfect fit for every decor, its intrinsic nature makes it impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant and compression-resistant and well-suited to every scenario and situation. 

Tested under intense mechanical, chemical and thermal pressures and subjected to severe conditions like wear and tear, cracks, fire and marks, Microconcrete emerges as an unmistakable winner when it comes to resistance. Its easy installation and maintenance make it a success with both architects and clients who dream of creating a modern, artistic yet rustic decor.

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