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Concrete is all around us-in walls, floors, pavements, roads and what not. Despite being used since the Victorian era and popularized by Modernist architecture, its versatility helps it blend in or rather stand out in the interiors of our homes. Whether you are looking to give an old world charm to your house or prefer a contemporary look, Concrete has something for everyone.Decorative Concrete is the transformation of Concrete from utilitarian to utopian by enhancing its aesthetic appeal without compromising on its inner strength. 
This metamorphosis is accomplished through materials and processes such as Stamped Concrete, Microcement, Microtopping, Microterrazzo, Acid Staining, Polished Concrete, and Decorative Overlays being some of the few ways used during the pouring or after the curing of Concrete.The USP of Decorative Concrete is its exclusivity in every application. No two designs are identical. A skilled artisan can cater to the individual needs of each client by offering a plethora of colors to choose from. Decorative Concrete has an edge over other materials such as ceramic or wood when it comes to durability and is cost-wise when it comes to its peers marble and slate. 

We at Creton make Concrete come alive. With multitude colors and myriad designs we offer the perfect blend of sturdiness and style that will flatter any decor.


Our Services

Micro Terrazzo

Micro Terrazzo

If there’s one thing more famous about Venice than its Gondolas; it is its terrazzo floors. Used since the Renaissance, it has always made a statement of luxury and opulence. Microterrazzo is  Venetian Flooring made modern. With a thickness...                                               

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Concrete, famous for its sturdiness and durability has been used since the Roman times and dates back to thousands of years. In Syria and Jordon, remnants of intact 8000-year-old concrete floors and houses have been found. Not only is it...                                                                                               


Microptopping can work for any surface that requires restoration, renovation or creation. Whether you want aesthetic or earthy, contemporary or classy, shiny or sophisticated, Microtopping offers versatility. A combination of VOC free liquid polymers and a special cement...

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