• Is Microtopping environment-friendly?

    Microtopping is VOC free and doesn’t release any poisonous fumes on application and drying.
  • What maintenance does Microtopping require?

    Microtopping is hassle-free and maintenance-free and all it takes to clean it is a damp cloth. 
  • Can a mere 3mm Microcement thickness withstand heavy traffic?

    Microcement has certain inherent properties such as abrasion-resistance and slip-resistance making it suitable for ramps, car parking, driveways etc. 
  • How many colors does it come in?

    When it comes to colors, the sky is the limit. Microcement provides a variety of shades that make your decor distinct.
  • Can Microcement be joint-free?

    Microcement transcends lines and gives a continuous, break-free surface that gives impeccable finishing and finesse.
  • On what surfaces can Microtopping be applied?

    Microtopping has a no-holds barred application. It can be used to grace any surface be it wooden, ceramic or concrete.
  • Can it be used in restoration work?

    Microtopping fits like a glove whether it is for restoration, renovation or creation of a new surface.
  • Is Microcement suitable for outdoors?

    More than any other applicator, Microcement is ideal for outdoors be it your terrace, porch or your walls. It can withstand harsh exposure from the forces of nature such as rain, UV rays and dust.

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